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Wireless Broadband

Cotswold Wireless was founded in 2004 so we have been providing fast broadband for over 10 years. So we know more than most about delivering high speed, reliable broadband to rural areas poorly served by BT. Our networks are fed by high capacity leased lines, so latency and speeds are the same as you would expect from a landline.

New! 4G broadband in and around Swindon

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the future and we are rolling it out to business and residential customers in and around Swindon. Delivering up to 40Mbps download our 4G data network is the perfect fixed line replacement or alternative to a slow ADSL service.

Ditch your landline with Broadband Phone

These days, with mobile phones, most people only keep a landline for broadband and line rental is on average £17 a month! With Cotswold Wireless there is no need for a landline so you can lose it altogether and save almost £200 a year! You can use your broadband as a phone line replacement thanks to or partners at Vonage. Find out more here

Cotswold Water Park Wireless Hotspots

Owners and visitors to holiday home developments around the Cotswold Water Parks can benefit from our contract free wireless internet access. Just choose the package you need, pay, and go.